Interface 1010T

-Entry-level potentiosta.t -The perfect instrument for a teaching lab. -EIS Capable.

Interface 1010 B

-The perfect introductory instrument for physical and analytical electrochemistry applications. -12 V, 1 A

Interface 1010E

-General purpose. -Great for most applications except insulating coatings. -12 V, 1 A -EIS to 2 MHz

Reference 600+

-Ultra low currents. -Ideal for Corrosion and Coatings. -Fast CV -High speed pulsing and sampling. -11 V, 600 mA -EIS to 5 MHz

Interface 5000E

-High current testing of single cell energy devices. -Second voltage measurement for simultaneous anode and cathode measurements. -Temperature monitoring. -6 V, 5 A -EIS included

Interface 5000P

-Great introductory 5A instrument designed for testing of batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells. -6 V, 5 A -Dual voltage measurements. -Temperature monitoring. -EIS included (20 kHz (gstat mode only).

Reference 3000 With Auxiliary Electrometer

-Perfect for high and low current applications. -Boostable to 20A -Additional voltage measurements for stacks and ancillary devices. -32 V / 1.5 A and 15 V / 3 A -EIS to 1 MHz


There are six different bipotentiostat configurations available to you..

Multichannel Potentiostat

The multichannel potentiostat combines up to eight Gamry potentiostats into a single system.

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