Electrochemical Cells

An electrochemical workstation has a potentiostat and relevant control software on one end, and the electrochemical cell setup—generally inside a Faraday cage—on the other.  Electrochemical cells are designed to hold a working, reference, and counter electrode in an appropriate geometry, but beyond that they can vary a great deal.

Gamry has electrochemical cells for general, as well as specific, experiments.  We design as much flexibility as we can into each cell without compromising the cell’s ability to perform needed tasks.  

We also carry a number of electrochemical accessories for your research.

  • Working Volume: Between 1 mL and 30 mL
  • Equipped with 5 multi-purpose ports
  • Available in non-jacketed or a jacketed version
  • Working Volume: Between 50 mL and 200 mL
  • Available in jacketed and unjacketed versions
  • Determine Critical Pitting Temperature
  • Counteracts crevice corrosion around the specimen seal
  • Powerful tool for studying localized corrosion
  • Working Volume: Between 400 mL and 1200 mL
  • 2 piece design allows oversized samples in the cell
  • The workhorse of a corrosion lab
  • Working Volume: Between 250 mL and 400 mL
  • Designed for convenient mounting of flat samples
  • For electrochemical testing of coated samples
  • Perfect for testing of painted metal specimens using EIS
  • Available: Lithium Battery Materials Half Cell Kit, Full Cell Kit, and Standard Cell Kit
  • Cell Volume – up 25 mL
  • 4-terminal Kelvin-type measurements
  • Coin Cell or Cylindrical Battery Holders
  • For coin-sized to larger cylindrical batteries (up to 26650)
  • Four-terminal connections
  • Up to 30A
  • Fuse protected
  • Good for a variety of pouch cell sizes
  • Four-terminal measurements
  • Up to 30A
  • Fuse protected
  • 1, 3, or 10 cm2
  • Reduce crevice corrosion when samples are sealed to a cell with an O-ring
  • 4-terminal Kelvin-type measurements
  • Coin Cell or Cylindrical Battery Holders

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